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Air Conditioning Repair, Installation and Service

Proudly owned and operated by Dave Simpson and family.

We are a family owned and operated air conditioning repair, installation and service business based in Adelaide, Australia.

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Our Services

We repair, install and service air conditioners for both residential and commercial clients in Adelaide, South Australia. Whether it's an evaporative, reverse-cycle, ducted or split system, we do it all.

  • Several Daikin Air Conditioners installed by SIMAC.


    We install air conditioners for both commercial and residential clients in Adelaide, we recommend the air conditioner right for the job.

  • Air conditioner filters leaning on a wall.


    We service air conditioners regularly with a thorough clean, replacement of parts and safety check, this ensures low air conditioner costs and clean air.

  • An air conditioner compressor leaking.


    We repair commercial and residential air conditioners, whether it's leaking or not working, we'll fix it.

  • A samsung air conditioner that is being repaired by SIMAC.


    We perform air conditioner diagnostics to identify and resolve any issues that could be affecting your system's performance and efficiency.

The Team

SIMAC is a family business, owned and operated by Dave Simpson. With over 20 years of experience and unlike chain air-conditioning services, Dave's hand's on approach ensures you will always receive personal service and the highest standard of workmanship.

  • Profile picture of Dave Simpson with his young son Parker inside a house.

    Dave Simpson

    Owner and Operator

    Air Conditioning Repairer and Installer

    Born and raised in Adelaide, I am the owner and operator of SIMAC along with the whole Simpson family, my wife and beautiful three children. I repair, install, and service air conditioners, which is a huge passion of mine. I have had over 20 years experience in the industry and have worked with many locals in Adelaide, both residential and commercial.

  • Profile picture of Ben smiling in a car with his thumb up.

    Ben and Jamie

    Air Conditioning Apprentices

    Air Conditioning Repairer and Installer

    Ben and Jamie are a local apprentices based in Adelaide. Dave trains and mentors both Ben and Jamie, where he passes on the wisdom of working within the air conditioning industry for over 20 years.

Jobs We've Completed

We've worked on a numerous amount of jobs over the years all over Adelaide. Below we summarised a few recent jobs we completed as examples of the day to day work we do.

  • A faulty Samsung air conditioner with it's internals exposed as we were in the process of repairing it.

    Repair of an Samsung Air Conditioner

    South Plympton, Adelaide, South Australia

    • HVAC Repair
    • Samsung

    We were called to a job at South Plympton in the South of Adelaide to repair a broken Samsung air conditioner. After some diagnostics we worked out the problem, ordered the new parts and replaced the faulty components which avoided the need to replace the entire system, saving the client time and money.

  • A new 7kw Gree air conditioner that we installed in Port Noarlunga South at the back of a property.

    Install of a 7kw Gree Air Conditioner

    Port Noarlunga South, Adelaide, South Australia

    • Gree 7kw
    • New Install

    A client called us to install a new 7kw Gree air conditioner. The job involved replacing the former LG air conditioner that had not been working for over a year, going without an air conditioner in South Australia is a mighty challenge!

  • An old and dirty Brivis Evaporative Air Conditioner on the roof of a house before we serviced.

    Service of a Brivis Evaporative Air Conditioner

    Hillcrest, Adelaide, South Australia

    • Service
    • Brivis
    • Evaporative

    We performed a thorough service on an old Brivis Evaporative Air Conditioner before the harsh January summer heat in the suburb of Hillcrest, Adelaide. The service required a pad clean and a replacement of its drain system. It's important to service air conditioners to ensure clean and safe air and also to lower their running costs.

Our Preferred Brands

For new installs of air conditioners we recommend Mitsubishi Electric, Kaden, and Panasonic. However, if you have a preferred brand or an already installed air conditioner we are happy to work with what you have.

  • Logo of air conditioner company Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning.
  • Logo of air conditioner company Kaden Air.
  • Logo of air conditioner company Panasonic.

Businesses We've Worked With

We work with well known and local South Aussie companies from Cibo Prospect to Powerhouse Fitness Gym.

A Brivis HVAC after maintenanced by SIMAC. An image of Dave Simpsons son from SIMAC. An image of Dave Simpsons son from SIMAC. An air conditioning heat pump. Checking the temperature of a Gree Air Conditioner. Installing a new Misubishi Inverter. A broken regrigerant from an air conditioner. Repairing a airconditioner on a roof in Adelaide. Replacing 12 air conditioning units. Replacing an old aircon with a new and improved aircon in Adelaide, South Australia.


Below we've answered a range of questions in the form of FAQS that we usually get asked by our residential and commerical clients about our air conditioner services. If you have more questions about our air conditioning services feel free to contact us directly.

  • How long does a service take?

    Depends on the job but in the usual case it take 30 minutes for a wall split air conditioner and up to 1 hour for a ducted HVAC system.

  • Are quotes free for air conditioning repairs, installs, and services?

    All quotes are free of charge at SIMAC, give us a call and we'll organise a time to swing round and give a quote.

  • Do you only service Adelaide CBD?

    We can travel wherever needed within South Australia, dependent upon the job and the equipment needed.

  • How much does a service cost?

    Prices may vary dependent upon the job and the equipment needed. For the usual case the services cost:

    • - For a split ducted $190 + GST
    • - For a wall split $150 + GST
    • - For an evaporative $165 + GST
    • - Diagnostic visit $160 + GST

  • What are your business hours?

    We normally operate between 8:30pm and 5:00pm, however, it depends on the jobs we have, public holidays, and other factors. If in doubt, give us a call and we can chat about a time that suits you to complete the job.

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